1 Billion People to Crypto Market? & Huge APR/APY how?

Bull Run
3 min readAug 16, 2021

The cryptocurrency market has opened up exciting opportunities for a wide range of users, including investors, traders, gamers and eSports enthusiasts. In a bid to give gamers and lottery-lovers more opportunities, the team at Bull Run Finance is pleased to announce the launching of its Decentralized Finance Including Staking & Farming with Ultimate Futures of Games as well.

Angry Bull to Create Bull Run

Bull Run Finance is the DeFi exchange on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), King of the swaps,

Aiming to Create Biggest Bull Run Ever to Bering 1 billion People to Net of Cryptocurrencies Market which is currently excluded from Market, How Bull Run Archive the Goal;

BR is Going to Create Army of Leaders throughout the World, They Will Be oriented to Bering General Public to $BR/Crypto Market, and Leaders will be rewarded for that, and we have created ecosystem to maximum use of crypto, included Staking and Farming with Various Pairs with BR, and We are also developing 5$ Commitment Portal, every new comer to Crypto Market they will Pledge commitment with to Invest initial amount of 5$ in Crypto to Buy 5$’s BR which will be locked for next 5 years, the user will have much time to spend and explore the crypto market, and the 5$’s Commitment will be Directly go to Liquidity Pool to make the Plan Sustainable, Each Leader will Get It’s Rewards after his commitment toward Crypto Market, We never Bound People to only Buy BR, We will also Make Crypto more convenient to create Marketplace where people can buy anything with BR/Crypto and it will works locally i..e.. Local-bitcoin, and will encourage Shopkeepers/Owners to Become Merchant with us to create new world with crypto.

What Products Currently Serving

1. Pools

Bull Run Finance has a user-friendly pool where you can stake your tokens to earn mouth-watering rewards. The pool comes with high APR and low risk.

2. Farms & Staking

Bull Run Finance enables crypto enthusiasts to farm and stake their tokens to make profits. There’s a Liquidity Pool where liquidity providers pool their resources together to earn interest from borrowers.

3. Instant Payouts

The Bull Lottery guarantees instant payouts immediately your winnings are confirmed. Unlike other lotteries, once you place a withdrawal request, you’ll receive your payout instantly.


Bull Run Finance Tokenomics

About Bull Run Finance

Bull Run Finance is a first-of-its-kind decentralized project where crypto enthusiasts can farm and stake their tokens to earn rewards. The team behind BR Finance understands the dynamic of the crypto market and how to leverage blockchain technology to facilitate winnings through the lottery system.

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