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2 min readJun 15, 2021

We Are Trilled to Announce the New Exchange Listing of Bull Run Finance and updates

Introduction of Bull Run Finance $BR Bull Run Finance $BR is a Unique Concept Project, which strive to create the biggest Bull Run ever on the Earth. The Main Goal of Bull Run $BR to at least include 1 Billion People around the Globe which is currently far away from Crypto Market, we Are trying to Shift the Power from Big Whales Manipulators to community it self. Community will decide the Future of Crypto, $BR Leader will Guide the Community….

Bull Run Finance #NewListings

Dex-Trade Exchange Announcement

#P2PB2B Exchange Announcement

#PanCakeSwap Listed

#CoinGecko Listing

Airdrop Announcement

🚀 Airdrop: Bull Run Finance

💰 Value: 250 $BR

👥 Referral: 150 $BR

💸 Tokens: Unlimited $BR Claims on Refer

📅 End Date: 17 July

🏦 Distribution Date: 18 July

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Learn More

Learn more about the project:

🔸Website: br.finance

🔸Telegram Official: t.me/BullRunOfficial

🔸Telegram Chat: t.me/BullRunChat

🔸Twitter: twitter.com/BullRunn_F

🔸Medium: bullrun.medium.com

🔸GitHub: github.com/BullRunn

🔸Discord: discord.gg/2fTMWS87ms