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Bull Run
1 min readMay 24, 2021

Bull Run is a Unique Concept Project, Which aims to create biggest Bull Run Ever on the Earth, through grassroot and include general public which is currently not involve into cryptocurrency Market, We can Educate Them Globally to prevent Pump and Dum by Big Players and will shift power to General Public they will decide the future of cryptocurrency.

We Are Glad to Announce Bull Run(BR) Token which is utility Token with Supply of 100,000,000,000 BR.

Let’s Talk How BR Works and Create the Ecosystem among the general public, we are going to recruitment community mobilizers throughout globe to increase awareness about cryptocurrency and it’s benefits among the general public and will create largest ever community in the world, BR will cover the rest of expensive (in BR Token)from A to Z to create community awareness.

Appeal to Crypto Community and Support.

We Did not go through the Pre-Sale or all like this, to Raise the Funds, We Request you to Swap your Few BNB Against BR that would be Helpful for our Moment and also this could be count your contribution towards cryptocurrency (and don’t worry it might be more than 100x return as well) We are available on Few Public Places.

Exchanges information

Coinmarketcap Coming Soon !

CoinGecko Coming Soon !

Bilaxy Exchange Approved listing Exchange Applied Listing

Digifinex Exchange Applied Listing Applied Listing

Binance Applied Listing



Twitter https://twitter/BullRunn_F


Email Social@br.Finance